Should I renovate my Vancouver house before selling it?

“Should I renovate?” is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when you are planning to sell your Vancouver home. Renovations could be costly, take a long time and provide you with a fair share of hassle. On the other hand with investing a little bit of money now you can get a higher return later.

There are many schools of thought on the matter of renovating your Vancouver house before selling it. I am not a professional contractor but I strongly urge you to talk to one before making any concrete decisions. With that being said let’s dive in.

In my opinion if you are thinking of selling your Vancouver house you should keep renovations to a minimum. Cosmetic touch-ups, good property clean up and landscaping will go a long way. Buyers generally don’t care how much money you spent on renovating and will want to plan their own designs anyways.

However if your Vancouver house is in a need of some serious renovations it might be a wise decision to renovate before selling it. For example you have a major crack in foundation. Should you fix it before selling or sell it as is?

If you don’t fix it the buyers will most likely ask for a discount on the property in the amount of renovations of a cracked foundation. The renovations always seem more expensive in the eyes of the buyer than they actually are. It will cost you more money in negotiation than it would to fix the foundation.

One the other hand if you fixed the crack in foundation yourself. Sure it would be next to impossible to make your money back but at least you will not lose more money in negotiations with the buyer. With a little bit of hassle you actually get to save some money.

There is an exception. If land makes a majority (80%) of the value of your property it is probably is not worth doing any major fix ups to the house.

Every situation is different. Every property is different. Contact your local real estate agent for advice on your situation. If you have more questions as to renovations before selling your Vancouver house feel free to contact me directly: Oleg Galyuk 604-565-7052 or email: [email protected]