3 ways to find out if your real estate agent is a professional

When trying to sell your Vancouver house or a condo you want the best person for the job. Even if you know your real estate agent personally or know someone who has done business with him or her already. It is still a good idea to test and see if he or she are really up for the job.

Number one: ask about current market conditions in your neighborhood How many units sold? How long were they on the market? What is the average price of real estate in your n neighborhood It is important that your real estate agent knows current market conditions and knows how to intelligently explain them.

Number two: this is quite possibly the most important question to ask. What is the marketing plan to sell your property? Selling a house or a condo in Vancouver take more than MLS listing. By knowing how strong the marketing plan for your property is you will know if the agent has what it takes to sell your house or a condo.

Number three: your real estate agent will be the face of your property. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but real estate agents are en exception.  Make sure the agent you choose to work with dresses and acts in a professional matter. You might think that it’s not very important, but remember that your agent has the responsibly to sell your property and if he or she don’t put much effort into their appearance what else do the take shortcuts on?

Selling a house or a condo is an art, choose your real estate agent carefully. If you need help with your real estate in Vancouver call Oleg at 604-565-7052 or email [email protected]