WHAT you NEED to KNOW about BURNABY housing market – DEC 2016 update

Burnaby house for sale

Happy New Year guys! Here is a detailed breakdown of the housing market in Burnaby BC for December 2016. We will only focus on detached houses. New construction is excluded from this breakdown. Condos and townhouses are also excluded (Burnaby condo breakdown can be found here).

Average Sales Price of Houses in Burnaby in December 2016 (see graph below)

Burnaby, Dec 2016: $1,591,410 | +5.3% (change since December 2015)

November 2016: $1,491,466

We can see the price increase of over 5% as compared to December of last year. The average sales price is also up as compared to last month. This could be a good sign for the sellers heading into 2017.


Average Percent of Original Price sellers in Burnaby are getting for their homes in December 2016 (see graph below)

Burnaby, Dec 2016: 93.5% | -8.8% (change since December 2015)

November 2016: 94.2%

Since the height of the real estate market in the summer and spring of 2016 average percent of original price has been declining. Home sellers are selling their houses 5-7% under their original asking price. We haven’t seen such low numbers since 2013.


Total Inventory of Detached Houses for Sale in Burnaby in December 2016 (see graph below)

Burnaby, Dec 2016: 236 | +41.3% (change since December 2015)

November 2016: 419

There is substantially more inventory on the market as compared to December of 2015. However the inventory levels have dropped significantly as compared to last month. Sellers seemed to be pulling the properties off the market in December.  A large number of these properties will be back on the market at the beginning of 2017.



Number of the New Listings on the market in Burnaby in December 2016 (see graph below)

Burnaby, Dec 2016: 35 | -45.3% (change since December 2015)

November 2016: 82

As can be expected for this season there are very few listings. In December 2016 we had half of the new listings as compared to the December of last year. To be fair, December 2015 was an usually busy year for detached houses in Burnaby.


Total Number of Detached Houses Sold in Burnaby in December 2016 (see graph below)

Burnaby, Dec 2016: 40 | -56.5% (change since December 2015)

November 2016: 48

We see lower than usual number of sales in the last quarter of 2016. Slight decline in sales as compared to November 2016. However, more than a 50% in sales as compared to December of 2015.


Sales to Active Listings Ratio for Detached Properties in Burnaby in December 2016 (see graph below)

Burnaby, Dec 2016: 0.169 | -69.3% (change since December 2015)

November 2016: 0.12

Burnaby housing market is still a “buyers” marker in December 2016. Huge difference when we compare to earlier this year when we had a very strong “sellers” market.

In conclusion, the housing market in Burnaby continues to be a “buyers” market. The average sales price has not gone down as compared to November of this year. In fact the average sales price has gone up. Overall we see low levels of inventory and low transaction levels. Burnaby detached housing market is “slow” heading into 2017.

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*all the information has been take form the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.