Should I have a Vancouver buyers agent?

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in Vancouver or anywhere else. You probably have attended an open house or two and got asked this question “are you working with a Realtor?”.   Usually the question means do you have an agent to represent you as a buyer.

So why would you need a buyer’s agent? Wouldn’t seller’s agent help you? And wouldn’t you get a better deal anyways if you work directly with a seller’s agent?

Now, first thing is first I am a little byes when it comes to the subject. As a real estate agent who works with a lot of buyers I believe that having your buyer’s agent is a must.

If you don’t have a buyer’s agent are dealing with a selling agent directly are you actually getting a better deal? Seller is the one who actually is getting a better deal as Real Estate professional would usually have re-negotiate their commission in order to get a dual agency agreement signed. As a buyer getting offered a thousand dollars a bonus is not a big deal because your buyer’s agent would probably have negotiated a better deal for you either way.

Real estate professionals are people of integrity and love to help out. So even if you are working with a seller’s agent you can usually rely on their advice and help. However if I was the one purchasing a house I would want someone to work for my only, in my best interest and someone who can look over all of the documents.

What’s your opinion on buyer’s agents? Dual agency? Comment below!

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