3 ways to improve your Vancouver house’s marketability

If you are thinking of selling your Vancouver house and want to get top dollar for it, here are 3 simple ways to increase your house’s marketability.

Number one: mow the lawn and do some landscaping. Your house’s yard is the first thing potential buyers will see. We all heard the expression “you only have one chance at a first impression”.  The same goes for your houses. Buyers will likely look at 15-20 houses before making their decision. Make sure they remember your home as a Vancouver house with a nice lawn not a house that needs some serious landscaping.

Number two: get an oil tank inspection. Oil tanks is a common problem found in Vancouver properties, especially houses in North Vancouver. Oil tank inspections are inexpensive and having the proof of an oil tank free yard is a great selling point for your Vancouver property. If there is an oil tank discovered on your property wouldn’t you rather have discovered it before you put your property on the market then after you have an offer on the table?

Number three: do minor paint touch-ups and small handyman type repairs. I am not suggesting you go out and spend thousands of dollars on repairs for the house you’re planning to sell but simple touch-ups can go a long way. Buyers will judge overall condition of the house by small little details. I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s true. If buyers see chipped paint they assume that the roof needs repairs. If buyers see loose door handle they will assume the foundation has a crack and so on.

Follow these three simple tips to make your Vancouver house more marketable. For help with real estate, please, call Oleg Galyuk real estate agent 604-565-7052 or email: [email protected]