3 best ways to find buyers for Vancouver house

If you are considering selling your Vancouver house, you have probably wondered “where will the buyer come from?”. Although there is no sure way of knowing how the right buyer will find you or how you will find them. There are 3 common ways to find a buyer for your Vancouver house.

Number one: multiple listings service or MLS. MLS is by far the best way to find a buyer for your Vancouver property  (there are certain exceptions). Having a great well written ML S listing with professional pictures goes a long way. Most buyers start their search for Vancouver houses online on websites such as realtor.ca. Craigslist is another popular website for advertising properties although its not nearly as effective as multiple listings service.

Number two: mail out in your neighborhood A lot of times your neighbors or your neighbors’ family will be a perfect buyer for your Vancouver house. Think about it. Your neighbors already live in the area.  They like living there or they would move. If they are looking to up-size or downsize their current home your house could be the one they choose. Maybe they are looking for an investment property or one of their family members is looking to move into the neighborhood

Number three: “for sale” sign on the lawn. Your house itself  is the best selling feature. When people are visiting someone in your neighborhood or just driving by and see the house they like for sale – 8 times out of 10 they will call for more information. Having for sale sign in front of your house is one of the best ways to sell it.

Follow these 3 ways to find a perfect buyer for your Vancouver house. Although there are a lot of other things involved in finding a buyer and selling your house. This article should give you a good idea of some of the things you can do. For more information about selling your Vancouver house call or email Oleg at 604-565-7053 / [email protected]